Please watch this brief testimonial first:

This amazing arthritis-reversing strategy not only ENDED MY JOINT PROBLEMS, but also...

slashed my CHOLESTEROL … saved me from DIABETES …knocked 35 pounds OFF MY WEIGHT … lowered my BLOOD PRESSURE … got me OFF all those drugs … and rescued me from an early grave.

I’m living proof it can do the same for you – and you won’t risk a penny to find out.  Read on…

Dear Friend with Arthritis,

     That’s a photo of me two years ago, right after my back surgery.

     It was one of the worst experiences of my life – and it left me afraid I'd never to go anywhere without that #@**!! walker.

     Worse, the surgery caused my Stage 3 arthritis (lower back, hip and knee) to flare up so badly that I couldn’t get out of bed unassisted – or without INTENSE pain.

But this is me today:

     It’s like a real-life miracle…

     Today I not only walk without a trace of my years-long limp -- but I cycle, lift weights, workout daily, do yoga regularly and jog.

     Even better, I have absolutely no more arthritis pain … and I haven’t taken a pain pill or even an Advil in 18 months.

     But best of all, at my last annual check-up my orthopedic surgeon compared my x-rays from last year to my new ones. Amazingly, there was noticeably MORE SPACE between the joints in my hip, my knee and the vertebrae in my lumbar spine...

“I’ve never seen anything like this in my entire career,” my doctor said with a look of amazement. “Whatever you’re doing, keep it up!”

2009: At 61, I'm in the best shape of my life. No pain, no limp, no drugs. It's great to be alive!

"Amazing Recovery!"

"This patient displays a remarkable recovery. His x-rays show new cartilage where there was none just one year ago…”

Axel Baltzer, MD
Chief Orthopedic Surgeon
Center for Molecular Orthopedics,
Düsseldorf, Germany

No worries, doc. I intend to!

     The story of my 180-degree transformation from a walker-bound, pill-popping cripple to a lean, active silver-haired, “hunk” (my wife’s description, not mine) is like nothing you’ve ever read or heard before.

     I want to share it with you because I’m convinced ANY man or woman with arthritis can duplicate my results, including you. And that’s WITHOUT ever needing joint replacement surgery … cartilage transplants … drugs … or any medical procedures whatsoever.

     So what allowed me to donate my walker to our local hospital, toss out my Celebrex and Advil, and achieve this new level of comfort full mobility (after years of hobbling around in pain)?

Here's my "wonderful" arthritis healing secret…

     It’s an impressively powerful “arthritis reversal strategy” that I call The ARTHRITIS INTERRUPTED Plan. It’s so simple and easy that it only requires a few changes in your eating habits … some marvelous "super-supplements" … and one or two easy excercise-stretches that remove the stiffness in your joints as if you gave them a squirt of axel grease.

     Everything in this plan is all-natural … utterly safe … and ridiculously inexpensive compared to the priceless relief, comfort and mobility you’ll receive. 

     In a moment I’ll describe how this extraordinary strategy completely “interrupted” my arthritis – and how you can get the same results WITHOUT RISKING ONE RED CENT.

     But first, let me tell you how this remarkable plan saved something even MORE precious than my joints…

How arthritis almost killed me
– and the cure that saved my LIFE!

     I’ve been an active jock all my life:  College and professional football … martial arts … a runner … world trekker … and a hyper-competitive tennis fanatic.

     But when my arthritis kicked in, all that came to a grinding halt. 

     I didn’t surrender suddenly.  Like a lot of people, I popped aspirin, then anti-inflammatories, then prescription painkillers so I could keep going.  I tried fish oil … glucosamine … expensive joint supplement formulations. I got cortisone shots, hyaluronic injections, massage and Rolfing. 

     You name it, I tried it.

     But eventually, my arthritis won out.  I soon became a total couch potato. Even after-dinner strolls around the block hurt like the dickens.

     As a result, I gained 20 pounds, lost my rock-hard physique and became hopelessly depressed (a condition common to people with arthritis).  My self-esteem plummeted and I began to eat and drink for comfort. 

     Even though I took my arthritis medication religiously, my joints hurt worse than ever. Then I put on another 15 pounds. My sex life suffered.  Depression made me miserable – and almost cost me my marriage.  But that’s not the worst of it…

"I beat arthritis without drugs or surgery!"

Today, I'm fully-active, absolutely pain-free and totally mobile thanks to this amazing ARTHRITIS INTERRUPTED Plan.

The really bad news:

     At my annual check-up, my doctor announced that my cholesterol and blood pressure were dangerously high and he put me on a couple of drugs.  My cardiovascular fitness also had declined and my heart wasn’t pumping efficiently anymore. Tests showed that my blood sugar was "borderline" and my doctor said if I didn’t lose weight soon, I could end up with diabetes.  You can imagine what all this bad news did for my mood.

     Such is the life-shortening downward health spiral that arthritis frequently triggers – and I was trapped in it.

Then the “last straw” happened…

     One day, while picking up my grandson, I felt something “pop” in my lower back.  The pain was excruciating and I could barely straighten up.  I swallowed two painkillers, went to bed and stayed there for three days.

     When things didn’t get better, I made an appointment with a back surgeon … and you know the rest.

     But what you don’t know (yet) is how I turned this impossible situation around with a strong dose of willpower … the research skills I’ve gained as a health writer … and the help of my good friend, the famous nutrition-savvy MD, Dr. Stephen Sinatra.  (More about this brilliant physician in a bit…)

How I discovered a true cure for my arthritic joints,
my bad back and my declining health…

     I had my back surgery in winter, and because the cold weather made my arthritis hurt even worse, my wife and I rented a house in Mexico for the season so I could figure out a solution to my condition before it put me into an early grave.

     You see, I've been researching and writing about natural
healing treatments for more than 35 years – and I was
determined to find a solution to my problem because my quality of life was zilch.

     I knew that certain natural remedies DID provide some relief and healing for arthritis because I helped break some of these big discoveries:  Fish oil … glucosamine … MSM … and many of the other advances.

But I also realized that none of
these remedies alone provides a CURE

     That’s because the "lone cure" mentality is a mirage that modern medicine has brainwashed us into hoping for.

     The human body is far too complex – and arthritis is much too stubborn to be cured by any single remedy.

     Healing ANY degenerative disease requires a multi-disciplinary "holistic" approach.

     As Dr. Sinatra always says:  To heal a disease, you've got to address it at every level it exists on: Molecular, biochemical, nutritional, physical, emotional, and psychological. There’s no such thing as a “magic bullet” cure.

     This is why modern medicine has FAILED to achieve anything close to a true cure for arthritis – or any other chronic disease.

As a health writer and researcher for 35 years, Jim Healthy helped to break the news about the biggest arthritis healing discoveries for arthritis of the past 30 years, including glucosamine-chondroitin; fish oil, omega-3 foods and olive oil; the inflammatory effects of eating refined carbs and processed food products.

During his prolific career, he has written about alternative healing remedies for such health publications as Prevention, Men’s Health, Time-Life, Reader’s Digest, US News and World Report, Health Magazine, Boardrooms BOTTOM LINE Publications and Books, plus the world’s leading alternative MDs, including Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Julian Whitaker, Dr. David Williams, Dr. Stephen Sinatra, Dr. Susan Lark, Dr. John McDougall and Dr. Christianne Northrup, to name just a few

     Yet I believed that by COMBINING these outstanding natural arthritis remedies together into a synergistic program, I could achieve the cure I desperately needed.

     My goal was to develop the world’s first non-drug, non-surgical “arthritis healing protocol” that combines the top clinically-proven remedies into a step-by-step plan that multiplies their therapeutic benefits to STOP THE DESTRUCTION of my joints and ACTIVATE THEIR REPAIR.

     It was a tall order – something that had never been attempted before.  But I was highly motivated because my life was at stake! The old adage “Once you stop moving, you start dying” is absolutely true!

The MD Who Heals "Outside the Box"

Dr. Stephen Sinatra, MD, is one of the very few board-certified MDs with advanced degrees in nutritional science. While conventional doctors continue to ignore nutrition, Dr. Sinatra is blazing trails and saving lives.

Google his name and you’ll find 574,000 entries. Read the highlights of his illustrious medical career on Wikipedia.

His many books and lectures explain why inflammation is the driving force behind today's most debilitating medical conditions, including arthritis – and Why food is (and always has been) "the most powerful medicine on earth."

So I began my intensive search…

     In Mexico, I used my research skills to surf the Internet relentlessly for every remedy that had been successfully tested on arthritis patients. 

     There were literally THOUSANDS of these arthritis remedies: Powders, supplements, herbs, exercise devices, magnets, bracelets and all sorts of gimmicky gizmos.

     But when I examined their “research,” I found that 99% of them were bogus and even fraudulent.

      I dug deeper, reading books, research reports and scientific studies.  I emailed specialists, spoke to doctors and interviewed experts by telephone. I left no stone unturned.

     Finally, after months of investigation, I narrowed my list to the outstanding TOP 30.  These were the bonafide remedies with the most impressive clinical research -- and with the world’s leading distinguished scientists behind them.

     These are the "real deal" non-drug arthritis healers and helpers that HALT JOINT PAIN … BLOCK INFLAMMATION … TRIGGER CARTILAGE REPAR … and RESTORE COMFORT AND MOBILITY which have been confirmed by double-blind, peer-reviewed, fully-vetted studies on actual patients with osteo and rheumatoid arthritis, disc abnormalities, chronic back pain and pinched nerves in their vertebrae.

I was truly amazed by what I found:

Powerful pain-relieving “arthritis superfoods” that stop and prevent joint and back pain just as effectively as strong prescription drugs -- but without their cost, dangers or side effects.

A way of eating that entirely blocks inflammation, thus preventing future joint flare-ups (the underlying cause of arthritis pain) the way no arthritis medications can.

Nutritional “super supplements” that encourage your joints to ACTUALLY HEAL THEMSELVES -- so that new cartilage can replace bare, bone-on-bone areas. (Nothing short of cartilage transplant surgery comes close to this!)

Easy, no-sweat movements and stretches that increase and thicken the synovial fluid in joints so they glide smoothly as if they had an internal "lube job."

…and dismayed when I uncovered…

Arthritis “hurting” foods that make your joints hurt like crazy. Many of these foods are innocent-looking and even have the endorsement of the Arthritis Foundation (some are even labeled “health foods!”) Americans gobble them by the tons without realizing how much inflammation they cause.

Worthless joint supplements that cost a small fortune. They contain cheap, inferior raw materials – and since no agency is regulating their contents, they rip-off unsuspecting consumers for millions! (I don't want you to fall victim to these scams!)

Arthritis medications that make joints WORSE. Many are MD-recommended or prescribed. Yet irrefutable research shows they actually accelerate joint destruction. Others (such as cortisone) are linked to cancer!

Pain Relief
Is As Easy
As Pie!

Did you realize...

Cherries are 10 times more powerful than aspirin for stopping joint pain? Scientists at Michigan State University proved it.

Reason? They contain amazing phytonutrients called anthocyanins which block inflammation just like NSAID drugs do. Plus they prevent the oxidative damage that cause cancer, heart disease, and other disease.

Cherries are just one of the top 12 joint healing you’ll read about in “Arthritis Healing Superfoods” – an eye-opening new book that I’ll send you ABSOLUTELY FREE. Keep reading to get your copy…

Narrow-minded orthopedic surgeons who reject any possibility that joint cartilage can be healed and arthritis reversed by natural means – despite SCORES of published research to the contrary.

But which combination provides MAXIMUM healing?

     Now my question was: How can I get MAXIMUM BENEFIT from these Top 30?

     So I made myself a guinea pig….

1. First, I ranked these top 30 arthritis healers according to the extraordinary improvement they’re documented to provide, putting the “biggest” at the top of the list.

2. Then, I created a one-month schedule so I could add one-per-day to my recovery plan, starting with the ones with the greatest benefits.

3. Next, I sent my strategy to Dr. Sinatra, made a few adjustments and got his enthusiastic approval.

4. Finally, I began the program and carefully documented my results.

From "hurting” to "healing” in one week!

     The results I experienced were DRAMATIC – and I began to feel improvement in the very first week.

     Day-by-day, I slowly-but-surely transformed my old, unconscious “arthritis hurting” habits into powerful arthritis-fighting weapons until...

     "Voilà!" At the end of 30 short days I was living The Arthritis Healing Lifestyle effortlessly --without turning my life upside-down!

     And my plan really paid off. After just a few months…

► The pain and soreness in my joints COMPLETELY VANISHED!

► I was entirely OFF DRUGS and successfully managing my inflammation with these superfoods and safe, inexpensive supplements.

► I was working out again – and dropping weight (because these Arthritis Healing Superfoods are also “super” for weight loss!).

► My depression lifted and I was feeling more hopeful and positive about my life and my future.

     And six months later, the news was even more impressive…

I had lost 35 pounds.  Even better, my cholesterol had dropped from a dangerous 260 to 200.  My blood pressure fell from 149/100 to a perfect 120/80.  My blood sugar was back in the normal, healthy range.  And my cardiovascular fitness had returned, meaning that my heart was beating efficiently again.

     This Arthritis Healing Plan not only was saving my joints…

It was saving my LIFE!

     But the real joy came one year later when my orthopedic doctor examined me. My x-rays and CT scans PROVED that my arthritis was healing and repairing itself. (The x-rays showed dark outlines between the bones in my hip and knees, where last year there was almost none because the bones were rubbing together.)

     But long before the x-rays, I already KNEW a marvelous change was occurring in my joints. 
I could tell because…

Month by month, it hurt less to get up in the morning. (Morning stiffness used to be real misery!)

Getting out of my chair after a morning of writing didn’t cause that sharp, shooting pain in my hip and down my leg.

Climbing stairs and hills gradually became easier. This was once almost impossible.  Now it’s “no problem.”

I noticed I was sleeping better – not awakening because of aches and pains as much.  And now, not at all.

     What clinched it for me was the morning I walked to breakfast with my wife and she said: “Hey, you’re not limping anymore.  Have you noticed?”

These days my life is normal in every way. It’s like I gave myself  “joint replacement” from the inside!

That was music to my ears!

     For years I was embarrassed by my limp which marked me as an “old man.” I can’t tell you what a joy it is to get my youthful stride back!

     I was so amazed and delighted that I decided then and there to devote my life to spreading this healing message far and wide. My first act was to change my name to “Jim Healthy” (my online user name for years). That’s how I really felt now – and I wanted to completely embody this wonderful new feeling. This was my new mission in life!

     Then I knew I had to put my entire 30-Day Arthritis Healing Plan in a book I titled ARTHRITIS INTERRUPTED – because that’s exactly what they did for me…

     These all-natural healers and helpers not only put my arthritis on “pause” – but they actually switched “on” the repair button that started to rebuild and regenerate the cartilage in my joints.

     And there’s absolutely no reason my 30-Day ARTHRITIS INTERRUPTED Plan can't put YOUR arthritis on “pause” too.

     In fact, I’m so sure that I’m inviting you to TRY IT without any risk at all for 30 days.  That’s right: COMPLETELY RISK-FREE!

     If you don’t get the same results I did (OR BETTER!) you won’t pay a cent…

     … and you can keep all 10 FREE GIFTS I’m going to send you with compliments just for giving it a try!

     More about your FREE GIFTS a little later.  But first, here’s an important question…

     Are you wondering how Dr. Sinatra and I were able to succeed in conquering our arthritis where modern orthopedic medicine has failed?

"Absolutely Brilliant!"

"Arthritis Interrupted" has become my "go-to" reference book for state-of-the-art information on the holistic and nutritional treatment of arthritis. Even if you don't have arthritis, you should read this book! Absolutely brilliant!"-

Jonny Bowden, PhD, CNS, author, "The Most Effective Natural Cures on Earth" and "The Most Effective Ways to Live Longer"

The Problem
with Painkillers

Sometimes following doctor’s orders can get you in more trouble.

Most MDs don’t realize that all conventional painkillers, arthritis drugs and NSAIDs (including aspirin) BLOCK your body's natural ability to repair cartilage. 

Taken regularly, these drugs actually SPEED UP the deterioration of your joints, making your arthritis worse -- while risking serious damage to your heart, liver and kidneys.

But this won’t happen with the top natural pain-relievers and anti-inflammatory supplements you’ll discover in ARTHRITIS INTERRUPTED.  They’re so safe, you can take them as often as needed without worry. 

Keep reading to get your copy immediately – plus 10 FREE GIFTS WORTH $137.63…

In a word, the answer is: Inflammation

     You see, inflammation is what makes your joints swell up and hurt.  It’s also what enlarges the nerves between your vertebrae and causes agony.

     That's why doctors tell you to take an Advil or some other anti-inflammatory drug right away. Because inflammation fluid contains acid-like chemicals which can eat into healthy cartilage and even bone if they aren’t “turned off.” (They also “burn” nerve endings on the lining of the synovial sac, causing severe pain.)

     If these nasty chemicals aren’t shut down, chronic inflammation sets in (the medical term is synovitis or "chemical arthritis") and will destroy the entire joint.

     Chemical arthritis actually does FAR MORE HARM than wear-and-tear arthritis.

     But munching anti-inflammatory drugs all day is dangerous for your liver, kidneys and heart – and actually SPEEDS UP joint degeneration.

Fortunately, there’s a

      Surprise: It’s FOOD!

     You may be surprised to learn that Mother Nature produces many foods with powerful anti-inflammatory properties.  Simply eating more of them can actually TURN OFF the corrosive inflammation in your joints.

     These are the “arthritis healing superfoods” you should build your diet around because they effectively HALT PAIN and STOP JOINT DESTRUCTION!

     THOUSANDS of clinical tests prove they work BETTER than drugs and painkillers. For example…

► Arthritis healing berries.  Harvard researchers discovered that eating just 16 strawberries per week lowers C-reactive protein levels by 14% (CRP is a blood marker for inflammation which can go sky-high in people with arthritis.) But my “Berry Good Breakfast” lowers inflammation even more. You’ll find it in ARTHRITIS INTERRUPTED.

► How olive oil lubricates your joints. It’s one of the most healing substances for both OA and RA because it contains a compound (called oleocanthal) that tames inflammation just like anti-inflammatory drugs do. But not all olive oils contain this healing ability.  Of the three grades of olive oil sold, ONLY ONE will help your joints. See ARTHRITIS INTERRUPTED to make the right choice.

► The tea that BLOCKS inflammation. The ultra-conservative Arthritis Foundation is so impressed by its arthritis healing powers that it’s one of the few natural arthritis remedies they recommend. Just be sure you're drinking the type of healing tea recommended in ARTHRITIS INTERRUPTED.

► Heal your joints with yogurt. It’s an important part of The Arthritis Healing Diet™ because it snuffs out the nasty enzymes that attack healthy cartilage. Israeli researchers have documented its “remarkable and curative” effects on arthritis. But don’t waste your money on store-bought brands...

     You can make a higher-potency yogurt on your kitchen counter for pennies per serving!  Full directions in ARTHRITIS INTERRUPTED

► Go “nuts” on your arthritis.  One type of nut in particular contains the highest concentration of a trace mineral that BLOCKS cartilage destruction – and nourishes its repair – compared to any other food.  Just one of these nuts meets your daily requirement! I’ll reveal what it is in ARTHRITIS INTERRUPTED.

► Joint-healing juice from the Bible." When scientists dripped this juice on damaged cartilage tissue, it inhibited an enzyme responsible for inflammation. But be careful when shopping because many juice products try to fool you with misleading labels. ARTHRITIS INTERRUPTED sets you straight so you won't be fooled. And that’s just the beginning!

The World's #1
Arthritis Healing Superfood!

Eating omega-3 fish stops joint pain. Halts inflammation. And blocks the inflammation-causing cytokines which attack and destroy joint cartilage.

Studies show that arthritis patients who eat fish display a 50% improvement in their condition.

But did you know…

■ Not all fish varieties contain omega-3s. Do you know which ones do and don’t?

■ Some varieties should be completely avoided – even though they’re loaded with omega-3s. Reason?  They’re contaminated with mercury, a leading risk factor for Alzheimer’s.

■ Farm-raised fish, even the omega-3 varieties, can actually make your arthritis WORSE!

Don’t go shopping until you get your FREE COPY of “Arthritis Healing Superfoods” – an eye-opening new book (valued at $29.95) that I’ll send you ABSOLUTELY FREE.  Keep reading to get your copy…

  YOURS FREE: “Arthritis Healing Superfoods” (worth $29.95)!

     These are a few of the "Big 12" pain-stopping, inflammation-blocking, joint-healing “superfoods” that helped me turn my arthritis around.  And I know they can help you, too.

     So I’m going to send you a FREE COPY of my “Arthritis Healing Superfoods” to prove it.

     In it you’ll read how these foods BEAT pain-relievers and even prescription drugs in head-to-head studies at the world’s most prestigious research labs.

     That means you can eat them all day every day to keep your bloodstream supplied with these natural inflammation-fighting compounds so pain can't get a toe-hold.  (You could never use drugs this way – they’re far too dangerous.) 

And these superfoods are BETTER than drugs because…

     They contain HUNDREDS of antioxidants and other nutrients that protect cartilage and joint tissue from destructive free radical molecules caused by inflammation.

     BONUS:  They also protect you arteries, your liver, your brain and every other important organ in your body!  So while you’re healing your joints, you’re also cranking up your overall health.

     These are the delicious superfoods that Dr. Sinatra and I eat every single day to heal and help our joints – and you should too.

      Don’t miss this opportunity to own a copy of “Arthritis Healing Superfoods” (a $29.95 value) immediately --no waiting for the postman!

     Just click the button below to add it to the list of 10 FREE GIFTS you’ll receive:

     But these arthritis healing superfoods are just the beginning.  Wait until you…

Feel the power of these
Arthritis Healing Super-Supplements!

     Nature is abundant in healing substances: Healing herbs.  Minerals.  Enzymes. Amino acids. Extracted and concentrated, these natural compounds exert real healing power on every part of the human body – including your joints and the pain-receptors. 

     Sadly, they’ve been pushed to the background by our profit-hungry, drug-driven medical system.

     But which arthritis supplements are truly “super?” 

     You'll discover the Top 10 – the ones that REALLY produce significant improvements -- in “Arthritis Healing Super-Supplements.” I’ll send you a FREE COPY when you “Click Here Now” below. In a flash you'll read all about…

► "80% less joint pain!" That's what UCLA researchers found when they gave this common mineral to a group of arthritis patients. This kind of pain relief rivals pharmaceutical painkillers – and without side effects. (What's its secret? This mineral helps your body generate new cartilage more effectively.)

► "Mother Nature's Celebrex®." This fast-acting herbal pain-reliever stops arthritis pain just like a drug, but is so safe you can take it every day. I'll reveal what to look for on product labels to make sure you're getting the same active ingredient tested in the research studies.

Europe's favorite back pain-reliever. In a six-week German study, this remarkable supplement relieved back pain 50% BETTER than the leading prescription drug -- but with none of its side effects. This will convince you that drugs aren't necessary to relieve your pain!

Are You
Taking Enough Fish Oil?

Numerous studies show fish oil works BETTER than prescription drugs to control joint inflammation and pain.

But most people don’t take nearly enough to feel a big improvement.
That’s because the standard dose is geared for inflammation in your arteries

You need THREE TIMES that much to block it in your joints and be pain-free.

Learn the IDEAL DOSE for maximum relief -- plus some secret ways to make fish oil work even better – ABSOLUTELY FREE…

Download a copy of “Arthritis Healing Super-Supplements” right away. It’s a $29.95 value – but yours at ABSOLUTELY NO COST, compliments of Dr. Sinatra and I.

The 10 Biggest “Glucosamine Goofs” Almost Everyone Makes

It’s "the world's greatest joint supplement," but…

Undercover investigators found that up to 90% of all glucosamine products on the market today are practically worthless.

With odds like that, your brand could easily be on the "rubbish" list! To see if it is, be sure to send for your FREE COPY of read "10 Costly Glucosamine Goofs – and How to Avoid Them.” In it, you’ll discover…

■ Why the form of glucosamine used in the vast majority of clinical studies ISN’T the one found in most products.

■ Why practically EVERYONE is taking a dose so weak, it can’t do any good.

■ Why buying low-cost “store brands” are like flushing your money down the toilet.

■ How to be absolutely CERTAIN the product you buy is the real McCoy.

Don’t miss this.  I name brands (best and worst!) … expose industry secrets … and blow the whistle on 10 of the worst "dirty tricks” that manufacturers use to confuse, deceive and outright lie about their products. This $12.95 Special Report is YOURS FREE!

► ”The cartilage rebuilder.” Research published in the Journal of Rheumatology confirms that this entirely new arthritis supplement "encourages cartilage repair and slows its destruction." How? Scientists report that it blocks the production of inflammatory chemicals that destroy healthy cartilage. (Personally, I’d NEVER want to be without it!)

     And that’s just for starters!  The beauty of my 30-Day ARTHRITIS INTERRUPTED Plan is that it starts you off at Day 1 using all-natural pain-relievers and anti-inflammatory supplements to halt your pain. 

     This way, you can GET OFF DRUGS right away so your joints can start to heal immediately!

     Then in the days that follow, ARTHRITIS INTERRUPTED helps you add one new joint-healer per day to your life. At the end of those 30 days you’ll be BOMBARDING inflammation and your arthritis into submission.

     If more people knew about these safe, natural pain-relievers, TENS OF THOUSANDS of people would never be hospitalized for ulcers, GI bleeding, or damaged livers and kidneys due to painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs. 

     EVEN BETTER: Far fewer joint replacements and back surgeries would occur because cartilage and disk tissue would be HEALING instead of disintegrating.

     My friend, you have more healing help available for your arthritis than you realize.  Get your FREE COPY of “Arthritis Healing Super-Supplements” today so you can stop hurting and start healing!

     I also want you to have a copy of "10 Costly Glucosamine Goofs - and How to Avoid Them." This valuable Special Report reveals 10 secret ways to choose a brand that can REALLY heal your arthritis! it's a $12.95 value -- but it's YOURS FREE when you click the button below.

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Discover the foods that secretly make your arthritis WORSE!

     My 30-Day ARTHRITIS INTERRUPTED Plan is filled with proven HEALERS. But that's only half the story because...

     Healing your joints also requires that you cut back on doing (and eating) the things that hurt your joints and make your arthritis worse.

More healers + fewer "hurters" = healthier, pain-free joints!

     That’s the winning equation behind my 30-Day Arthritis Healing Plan. So, every other day ARTHRITIS INTERRUPTED helps you subtract the worst "arthritis aggravators” that actually make your arthritis worse.  For instance...

► New dangers in acetaminophen. New studies link it to a much greater risk of toxicity, liver failure and death than doctors previously suspected. Yet most people regularly take almost twice the safe dosage. ARTHRITIS INTERRUPTED lists the brand names of over-the-counter pain-relievers that secretly contain acetaminophen -- so you can avoid them. Check your medicine cabinet now!

► The cancer connection to cortisone injections. Once you see the shocking dangers exposed in ARTHRITIS INTERRUPTED, you’ll never consider letting them inject your joints with a steroid!

► Drugs that BLOCK joint healing.  You've already read how glucosamine-chondroitin supplements can help repair your joints. But few people (doctors included) realize that your body’s "cartilage repair" mechanism is shut down by anti-inflammatory drugs. Unless you replace these conventional drugs with safe, natural pain-relievers, you might as well toss glucosamine supplements out the window! And that's not all...

How Glucosamine
Heals Your Joints

Glucosamine-chondrotin works by encouraging the creation of new cartilage in your joints. This causes less bone-on-bone contact, reduced inflammation and pain -- and ultimately more comfortable mobility.

In fact, actual before-and-after x-rays show that taking the supplement results in a widening of joint space, indicating new cartilage growth.

YOURS FREE: “Arthritis Hurting Foods” (a $29.95 value)!

     Did you know that many common foods and beverages are secretly making your arthritis WORSE? It’s true! Today we’re living in an "Inflammation Society" and these arthritis hurters are everywhere.

     Unless you reduce (or eliminate) your intake of these “arthritis hurting foods," substances and activities, any positive healing steps you’re now taking are completely WASTED.

     That’s why I also want you have a copy of “Arthritis Hurting Foods” – the book that unmasks these “hurters” so you can avoid them completely – or begin to cut back.  This information is so vital to your comfort and joint health, I’m going to give you a copy of this $29.95 book ABSOLUTELY FREE when you click on the “Click Here Now” button below so you can learn about…

Inflammatory foods in your supermarket!  Some of the worst offenders are masquerading as "health foods" -- and have the full endorsement of the Arthritis Foundation, American Heart Association, American Cancer Society and other mainstream medical groups. But your FREE COPY of “Arthritis Hurting Foods” shows you the scientific proof linking them to a worsening of your symptoms. Don't be fooled! You’ll also discover…

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The Canola Oil Hoax. The ads call it “the healthy oil” -- yet it's anything but. “Arthritis Hurting Foods” explains why canola (plus these other so-called "healthful" vegetable oils I mention) are especially bad for your joints and your overall health. Plus: You'll discover the truly healthful oils you should be cooking with.

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     (By the way, surgery is no walk in the park. The downside includes: Picking up a hospital-bred staph infection ... complications from anesthesia ... extremely painful recuperation ... recurring dislocated joints ... permanent muscle damage ... lifetime disability from "less than perfect" outcomes that surgeons rarely tell you about ... and then there's the cost -- especially if you don't have full-coverage health insurance).

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