Why Anti-Aging Nutrients DON'T

According to researchers at the University of Florida College of Health and Human Performance...

"The fountain of youth is made of antioxidants, NOT water!"

But if you're taking many of the leading antioxidants on the market...

You might as well
eat jelly beans!

Find out why—and discover the shocking truth about anti-aging nutrients!

Dear Friend,

Pardon my frankness, but...

How OLD are you?

I don't mean your age, I mean how old do
you feel?

Because the truth is, you may be in your 40s... 50s... or 60s—but if you're experiencing health problems such as heart problems... joint pain... blood sugar imbalances... vision problems... memory loss... or serious fatigue...

...You may be feeling 10... 20... even 30 years older than the age on your driver's license!

You're not alone! One out of every three Americans suffers from health problems most people chalk up to "old age" problems.

The surprising fact is, most of these health problems can be improved and may even be REVERSED when you do just one single thing to improve your health.

This one simple step takes just 10 seconds—and it won't cost you an arm or a leg either!

Are you skeptical? I sure hope so!

Because in the next few minutes, I'm going to show you how you can help keep your mind sharp as a tack... age gracefully... look and feel better than ever... and fight off the ravages of many health problems common to folks over 40! What's more...

...You're going to meet REAL people who experienced crippling health problems that robbed DECADES from their lives...

...Some suffered from energy levels so low, they could barely get out of bed in the morning...

...Others had joint pain so bad, they couldn't walk or bend their bodies without extreme agony...

...And some, after trying dozens of powerful drugs and even dangerous surgeries, were ready to give up completely on the hope of ever feeling better again!

Fortunately, they all received a special report, similar to the one you are reading right now. And what they discovered, in a nutshell, helped SAVE THEIR LIVES—and gave them back years they thought they'd lost forever!

My name is Michael Cutler, M.D. I've spent the last 16 years of my medical career helping folks recover from "old age" health problems.

I want to tell you about the many people that have experienced near-miraculous reversals by taking just one remarkable formula that contains 17 scientifically proven healing nutrients!

In just a short time, these folks regained energy levels... experienced genuine relief from joint and muscle pain... put an end to embarrassing "senior moments" and memory loss... and even helped slam the brakes on aging!

And my files are stuffed with grateful letters and thank you notes from satisfied customers who reaped the benefits of this amazing age-defying formula! For example...

"No signs of memory loss!"

"My sister was suffering with serious memory problems. After taking your amazing product, she is not showing any signs of memory loss now. The brain needs certain minerals and vitamins to stay healthy and they're all in this remarkable formula. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!"

"We've got more energy and endurance!"

"My husband and I are 87 years old and have been taking your product for about three months. We feel so much better, have more energy and endurance. We feel like we couldn't do without this wonderful product and plan to keep on taking it. Thanks for making us aware of a formula like this."

"My skin is so
radiant and soft!"

"I have taken Essential Youth™ for about 2 years, now. My skin is so radiant and soft. It looks just lovely. It doesn’t seem to be dry anymore. It has given me so much energy, that I can hardly be still a minute. I am always busy with energy to burn. Essential Youth™ is a wonderful product and I am very pleased with its formula. Thank you Dr. Cutler."

"I saw dramatic improvements
in a few short weeks!"

"I never expected such a dramatic improvement in how I look and feel in such a short time. In just the first week, I have noticed my complexion looks nicer and I feel more energetic. I'm getting more work done. I still have enough energy left for my daily jog after work. Thank you."

"Memory is clearer!"

"Your wonderful product has given me more strength and my memory is clearer. I feel like getting out more and visiting. I plan to keep taking this memory-saving remedy for a long time. I was 77 in July and feel good about life."

*Individual results will vary.

What in the world is
saving their precious memories…
…boosting energy levels to new heights…
…and helping them look and
feel decades younger?

It's a remarkable formula called Essential Youth™! And I promise you, it can work wonders for you too! Why?

Because Essential Youth™ is a unique formula for optimum brain and body health! In every serving, you get 17 scientifically proven nutrients working TOGETHER to help...

A special note from
Mark & Bonnie—
Dr. Cutler's Parents,
M.D. Formulator of
Essential Youth™

If you were blessed with good genes, Essential Youth™
can work wonders.

But if you got the short end of the gene pool, Essential Youth™ can work MIRACLES!

Dear friend,

You'd think with great-looking parents like us, our son Michael would've inherited a boatload of healthy genes.

But the truth is, he struggled with health problems since he was a teenager. After years of digestive problems, his doctors performed a radical surgery that removed his entire large intestine and rectum—and left him wearing a diaper at night for many years!

Our boy spent even more years recuperating from that horrific ordeal. Those were tough times on our family, but Michael still managed to hold down his medical practice and raise four kids with his wife Amy.

It wasn't until Michael started studying natural medicines that he found real solutions for his digestion problems. He also discovered all those years of suffering and his life-changing surgery could've been prevented!

Well, that lit a fire in him! That boy worked day and night to help his patients learn about natural solutions to help them fight off and even help reverse many health problems common to folks over 50.

That's when he came up with his Essential Youth™ formula. I can't begin to explain what all is in Essential Youth™. I just know it's jam packed with antioxidants and other nutrients that help you stay healthy and full of energy no matter how old you are. He even got me taking these nutrients and at 73—I feel great!

I hope you'll take the time to read what our son, the doctor, has to say about this amazing remedy. And if you like what you read, give Essential Youth™ a try. Michael gives his word, if you're not satisfied with your results, you won't lose a dime! We raised him right. He'll keep true to his promise.

Mark Cutler Signature

Mark Cutler
Dr. Cutler's dad

P.S. Actually our son did get a few of our good genes and we know he takes Essential Youth™ every day. Take a look at his pictures in this special report. They haven't been retouched. He really does look 20 years younger than he really is! Don't let that youthful look fool you, that boy's got some mileage on him!

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Here's what makes Essential Youth™ truly SPECTACULAR...

You probably take individual supplements to help protect your heart... help lower your blood pressure... enhance your memory... help balance your blood sugar... or even boost your energy levels. But you may not be aware of ONE BIG PROBLEM with individual nutrients:

Scientists have discovered that to gain optimum results, most nutrients require "dynamic interplay."

That's a fancy schmancy way of saying nutrients work better when they're formulated for optimum dose... combined with other key nutrients... and taken at the same time! For example...

...Essential Youth™ helps you maintain healthy brain function... boosts your memory recall... and helps fight off the ravages of brain aging.

That's because Essential Youth™ contains not one brain saving nutrient—but an ENTIRE NETWORK of brain health ingredients to create dynamic interplay!

When these nutrients are combined... given at optimum doses... and taken at the same time—you can quickly experience MEGA brain boosting health! You get...

Nature's Remarkable
Brain Saver!

A group of 22 top researchers collectively known as the Italian Multicenter Study of Dementia began studying the effects of a little-known, all-natural substance on patients with serious cognitive/memory decline.

The results of the two-year, placebo-controlled study were nothing short of spectacular...

..The patients given one particular nutrient showed rapid improvement.

Their memories came roaring back. And their ability to reason and learn returned as well.

Not only that, many other cognitive symptoms: language deterioration, poor judgment, paranoia, fatigue, depression, and vision and hearing loss improved, too. They actually regained the ability to control their own lives and function normally!

The results were so miraculous, in fact, many other scientists simply refused to believe them.

Imagine: A simple, all-natural substance that costs only pennies a day was doing what no man-made drug ever could: Actually helping improve memory!

IMPOSSIBLE? That's what many leading scientists thought!

So a group of skeptical U.S. doctors at world-renowned Vanderbilt University began investigating this alleged "mental miracle" for themselves...

...And their research confirmed it: Not only does this 100% safe nutrient called Phosphatidylserine (PS for short) help defeat mental decline—it helps restore a more youthful memory and helps sharpen thinking and reasoning ability even for healthy people in their 40s and beyond!

Impressive, right? Well, hold onto your hat...

More than 60 human studies and over 3,000 scientific papers now prove this inexpensive nutrient helps prevent age-related memory loss and senility—and even severe mental decline...

...PLUS, many more studies on healthy people—and literally tens-of-thousands of patients and physicians—have demonstrated it also helps RESTORE youthful intelligence, learning ability, memory, and clarity of focus—AT ANY AGE!

With results like that, you'd be crazy not to take this remarkable nutrient to help protect and save your brain power. That's why you get a healthy dose of PS in every serving of Essential Youth™. But there's more...

Stimulate the growth of vibrant,
healthy, NEW brain cells!
Billions upon BILLIONS of them!

We've known for decades that brain cells are extremely fragile. They can be damaged or killed by free radicals... alcohol consumption... polluted water and air... and chemicals in our food... and even the use of prescription drugs.

And to make matters worse, scientists have always told us that, once damaged or killed, brains cells could never be restored or regrown.

Good guys!


Antioxidants are your body's "police." They clobber the free radical bad guys before they can harm your cells.

By controlling free radical damage, you help slow down aging... help prevent illnesses... and protect your body's energy storehouse!

Bad guys!

Free Radicals!

Your body produces free radicals in the normal course of energy production. Free radicals are unstable molecules that create havoc in your cells by stealing electrons from other molecules. They can damage cell structure and trigger a host of illnesses including: heart problems, blood sugar imbalances, cataracts, joint pain and even worse!

That's why in every serving of Essential Youth™, you get all-star antioxidants: alpha lipoic acid, glutathione, and vitamins C and E—working together to deliver a force field of protection for your entire body!

Plus you get 13 additional age-defying nutrients for total mind and body health! And you get them all in one easy-to-take capsule!

Essential Youth

the difference
Essential Youth™ will make in your health—Guaranteed!

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In other words, after age 30 our brains are actually shrinking every year. And after several decades of this slow-motion brain decay, you begin to find it harder to remember things... reflexes slow down and coordination suffers... learning new things becomes increasingly difficult...

...Depression occurs more frequently... sexual desire fades... and finally, memory loss renders many people mere shadows of their former selves.

And the worst part is, according to the medical establishment, this mental decline is natural, untreatable and irreversible.

Now, thanks to a remarkable brain-building nutrient called vinpocetine, we know these medical experts are wrong, Wrong, WRONG!

Vinpocetine is nature's powerful memory enhancer. It works by expanding your blood vessels to allow healthy blood flow to your brain. The results of this increased oxygen flow to your brain? Well, you can help...

What's more, vinpocetine has even been used to address blockages of blood flow to the brain as well as brain injuries. It's quite possibly the most powerful memory enhancer on the planet! That's why you get optimum doses of memory-saving vinpocetine in every serving of Essential Youth™. But that's not all...

If you feel confused, depressed, or mentally worn out, then you absolutely need this amazing "forget-me-not" solution!

If you have a difficult time trying to concentrate... notice a significant decline in your memory... often feel confused, depressed or mentally exhausted...

...Then you absolutely need this bonafide memory protector!

Numerous European studies performed on the age-old herb called ginkgo biloba confirm it's an amazing memory aid.

Over 120 clinical studies show this brain herb can help deliver protection as you get older! What's more, ginkgo helps maintain healthy blood circulation.

This is critical because free flowing blood delivers energy to your brain cells! With ginkgo, you experience a "natural mental high" that can last all day long! But there's more good news...

Scientific studies also show ginkgo is an amazing ally against mental decline! Here's the proof:

A study performed at the New York Institute for Medical Research revealed 30 percent of patients taking ginkgo experienced better results on tests of reasoning, memory and behavior than the placebo group.

While researchers agree 30 percent is a modest success rate, let me ask you this: Do you know of any memory drugs that can accurately boast better results and fight off memory problems? I sure don't!

What's more, the dynamic interplay between ginkgo... vinpocetine... PS...

...And the 14 additional spectacular nutrients you get in every serving of Essential Youth™...

...Gives you the total brain and body enhancing nutrients you need to experience great health well past your 90's!

You get EVEN MORE brain boosting...
memory enhancing... and "senior moment"
fighting nutrients—in every serving of
Essential Youth™!

To enhance the dynamic interplay of brain health nutrients, I've added seven more spectacular and essential brain-saving nutrients in Essential Youth™. Why?

To give you MAXIMUM brain protection! You get:

Arrow Bullet  Mother Nature's "brain oil!" You probably know Omega-3 fatty acids can help protect you from developing heart problems—and even help prevent cholesterol plaque from hardening your arteries. But did you know this stellar nutrient also lubricates your brain cells to help keep them working at peak capacity? It's true!

Omega-3 fatty acids contain the anti-inflammatory oils called EPA and DHA. These nutrients help keep your entire brain network in close communication with each other. That means memories get stored—and easily recalled—whenever you want!

Arrow Bullet  Maximum "brain rust" removal! Ever wonder why you feel mentally drained? The culprit may be lipofuscins! This is the metabolic waste product created from cell damage. Lipofuscins build up in your cells and interfere with your body's ability to metabolize proteins. The results?

Mental sluggishness... forgetfulness... and brain fatigue!

But thanks to the amazing nutrient called DMAE (Dimethylaminoethanol), you can help scrape away and remove harmful lipofuscins that cause brain rust!

According to Vitamin Research News, DMAE can also help prevent lipofuscins from forming in the first place!


"...The key to preventing serious health problems and extending life is as simple as maintaining the right level and combination of antioxidants in our bodies."

—Lester Packer, Ph.D.
Longevity Expert and author of
The Antioxidant Miracle

What's more, at the University of California, Berkeley, clinical trials with animals from an award-winning team of scientists discovered combining acetyl L-carnitine—a natural, energy-boosting nutrient with the powerful antioxidant alpha lipoic acid can S-L-O-W cell aging to a crawl!

You get all these powerful antioxidants in EVERY serving of Essential Youth™! Try it for yourself completely RISK FREE!
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Arrow Bullet  Ultimate protection from "senior moments!" Ever walk in a room and not remember why you came in? These "senior moments" can be annoying and even a bit scary at times. But thanks to the memory boosting nutrient Quercetin—you can help fight off age-related recall problems!

What's more, human studies concluded that people with high levels of quercetin can help reduce the risk of a brain disaster by a whopping 73 percent!

Arrow Bullet  The building block for healthy brain function! The truth is you can't think... remember... or store facts in your brain without the essential nutrient CDP Choline. It's the basic building block for healthy brain function.

Unfortunately, as you get older, your natural levels of CDP Choline decline. That's why it's important to build up a healthy reserve of this MUST HAVE brain nutrient. Studies show healthy CDP Choline levels can help improve mental performance and even enhance brain cell development!

Arrow Bullet  Protection for blood vessels that feed your brain! Researchers have discovered a buildup of an amino acid called homocysteine can essentially burn holes and "eat away" at the walls of your arteries. This can cause cholesterol to fill in those holes and eventually clog the arteries, leading to your brain and heart.

Fortunately, the remarkable nutrient Folic Acid can help neutralize excess homocysteine and help protect the 75,000 miles of arteries, veins, and capillaries that fuel your brain and body!

A study from the University of Calgary in Alberta Canada reports, "Elderly people with low blood levels of folic acid are more likely to suffer brain disaster than people with normal to high levels of folic acid."

You've got to do all you can to protect your brain health. That's why I include optimum levels of folic acid in every serving of Essential Youth™!

Arrow Bullet  Mega memory loss protection! Scientists discovered when RNA is destroyed, you experience memory loss! That's because RNA—also known as ribonucleic acid—is the transmitter that "talks" to your cells—especially your brain cells. Without it, cells are "lost and confused."

Including RNA with the 17 age-defying nutrients found in Essential Youth™ delivers MAXIMUM dynamic interplay! The nutrients work better together and help you feel better FASTER! If keeping your brain and memory in tip top working order was all Essential Youth™ could do, it would still be worth its weight in gold. But Essential Youth™ does more—much, MUCH MORE!

Essential Youth™ helps fight off
free radical damage—the #1 cause of aging!

I'm sure you've probably heard of free radicals. They're the "loose cannons" of the cell world. These bad guys wreak havoc with your body by upsetting stable molecules. In short, free radicals can:

Arrow Bullet  Block DNA and RNA function! DNA is the "blueprint" that tells your cells how to act... duplicate... and even how to repair itself. RNA transmits the information in the DNA to your cells. Free radicals can damage both DNA and RNA communication—causing your cells to malfunction and even self-destruct!

Arrow Bullet  Release dangerous cholesterol in your blood stream! When fat molecules such as cholesterol get oxidized, they become sticky. That means they can clog up your arteries and set the stage for heart and brain disasters. What's the leading cause of oxidized cholesterol? You guessed it—free radicals!

Arrow Bullet  Quickly drain your energy! Free radicals release a toxic waste matter called lipofuscins. This yellowish brown cell debris can interfere with your body's ability to metabolize protein—your #1 source for energy!

Arrow Bullet  Trigger joint pain and muscle aches! An overproduction of free radicals in a specific area can cause inflammation. For example, when a knee joint becomes inflamed, the swelling can prevent normal blood flow. When you bend the knee, you temporarily cut off blood supply. When the knee is straightened and blood flow returns, you get a burst in the production of super-oxide free radicals that attack nearby tissue. This makes the area even more inflamed and leads to a degeneration of the joint! The result?

Chronic joint and muscle pain!

Arrow Bullet  Prematurely age your skin! Free radicals destroy delicate collagen that keeps your skin soft, smooth, and flexible. If you've got age spots on your hands or face, that's a tell-tale sign you've got free radical damage!

The truth is, you can't get away from free radicals. The very process of breathing creates these destructive molecules! What's more, foods... environmental pollutants... toxins... and even stress can trigger "hits" from free radicals.

Woman with Cancer

Super Powerful Ammo clobbers toxins!

"Vitamin C is the major antioxidant in the blood; vitamin E is the vital antioxidant in cell membranes and lipoproteins. However, in the cell interior—where the real toxin war is being waged—the most important antioxidant is glutathione!"

—Richard A. Passwater, Ph.D.
Author of Cancer Prevention and Nutritional Therapies

You get optimum levels of toxin-fighting glutathione in every serving of Essential Youth™!

Circulation Solution

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Dr. Bruce Ames, professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of California, Berkeley, and a senior scientist at Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute (CHORI) estimates the number of oxidative hits daily to DNA per human cell is about 10,000.

Now multiply that 10,000 by the 7 TRILLION cells in your body and you can see how dangerous free radicals can be!

Fortunately, Mother Nature gives us a remarkable remedy to help clobber pesky free radicals. They're called antioxidants!

The problem
with "anti-aging" nutrients!

You've probably seen dozens of "anti-aging" products on the market. And you may have even tried a few. But let me ask you this, "Are you really anti-aging?"

Are you against the wealth of knowledge... skills... opportunities... and adventures you've experienced with each passing decade?

Or do you want to mature and age gracefully—having the mental energy and physical stamina to continue to pursue the things you love...

...And help prevent the health problems that can rob you of your precious years of life!

If so, you don't want an "anti-aging" product, you need an AGE-DEFYING remedy like Essential Youth™!

Why anti-aging
nutrients don't work!

According to noted researchers at the University of Florida College of Health and Human Performance, "the fountain of youth is made of antioxidants, NOT water!"

But most anti-aging products on the market give you a puny one... two... or just a few of these essential antioxidants to fight off the ravages of aging. You might as well eat jellybeans!

With Essential Youth™—you get 17 scientifically proven, age-defying nutrients in every serving. What's more...

Combining all 17 powerful nutrients with optimum doses turns them into SUPER-DUPER nutrients that help clobber premature brain and body aging! Here's why...

Scientists now know antioxidants require "dynamic interplay"—a network of antioxidants working together synergistically to keep them functioning in optimum order!

For example, you've probably heard of the powerful effects of vitamin C for fighting colds and helping prevent vision problems. But fighting off free radicals is a tough job for just one nutrient.

However, when you pair up vitamin C with another powerhouse antioxidant like glutathione—you quickly recycle worn out vitamin C molecules and restore them back to antioxidant health!

And combining vitamin C with vitamin E can help prevent free radicals from oxidizing cholesterol molecules that can harden your arteries!

With Essential Youth™, you get the powerful antioxidant network of glutathione, vitamin E, alpha lipoic acid and vitamin C—at optimum dosages—working together for an all star team of antioxidant protection for your cells.

Here's how free radicals damage your body...


You know what happens to an apple when you cut it and leave it out in the open, right?

In just a short time, oxygen attacks that juicy apple and it turns brown and spoils. Well guess what?

That's exactly what happens to your cells!

The simple act of breathing in oxygen can trigger free radical damage. Young vibrant cells can quickly break down. The metabolic waste called lipofuscins leave brown "rust" spots on your cells—and they start to die!

But thanks to the powerful antioxidants found in Essential Youth™—you can help prevent cell damage to keep your mind sharp as a tack—and your body in fit form—for many decades to come!

Circulation Solution

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Plus, you get brain and energy-boosting nutrients for optimum mind and body health! All 17 nutrients in Essential Youth™ work together to enhance the effectiveness of each other. The results of this dynamic interplay?

You can feel better... think sharper... remember longer... look younger... and enjoy life on your terms!

So forget about taking single anti-aging supplements—they just won't work alone! Get the dynamic interplay of the 17 age-defying nutrients in every serving of Essential Youth™!

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Antioxidants are your body's super heroes. They protect you against the villains that can rob decades off your life. And they clobber free radicals before they can attack your delicate cells!

These vigilant heroes seek out pesky free radicals. Once discovered, antioxidants engulf unstable molecules and neutralize them before they attack your cells!

Unfortunately, as you get older, your natural supply of antioxidants significantly drops. And if you don't replenish that shortage, free radicals can take over. The results? You start to feel and look old way before your time!

Until recently, scientists believed antioxidants performed their job independently of each other. But breakthrough research performed by the Packer Lab at the University of California at Berkeley showed COMBINING powerful antioxidants...

...And taking them at the SAME TIME...

...Can ENHANCE performance and deliver MAXIMUM AGE-DEFYING PROTECTION for your entire body! In other words...

Male Impotency

Surprising Cause of Impotency

Half of the cases of male impotence are caused by...

A. Hormonal problems

B. Psychological problems

C. Clogged arteries

If you answered "C"—you're absolutely right!

But do you know the all-natural nutrient that can help you maintain a strong erection... keep healthy blood flowing to your penis... and help keep your entire circulatory system in top working order?

It's ginkgo biloba! A study printed in the Journal of Urology reports it took eight weeks for the men to experience an improvement in erections. By six months, half of the patients had regained potency!

When you take Essential Youth™ every day, you help keep your entire body in top working order. You'll soon notice common health problems disappear... sexual desires come alive again... and you provide a fortress of protection from future ailments!

You get all that in every serving of Essential Youth™! Try it for yourself and see—it's completely RISK FREE!
Feel Younger Now!

Circulation Solution

the difference
Essential Youth™ will make in your health—Guaranteed!

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Antioxidants work better with dynamic interplay!

That's why Essential Youth™ packs optimum doses of key and essential antioxidants into every serving!

Individually, these antioxidants are superior nutrients. But combined, you get a SUPER POTENT free radical fighting POWERHOUSE for optimum protection against health problems!

In every capsule of Essential Youth™ you get:

Arrow Bullet  The proven secret for a long and healthy life! Studies from the University of California show people who regularly take vitamin C supplements live longer, healthier lives than those who don't.

What's more, Nobel Prize winning scientist Dr. Linus Pauling proved vitamin C can tackle and clobber the common cold. But now, new research shows the dynamic interplay between vitamin C and the bioflavonoid hesperidin can S-L-O-W aging to a crawl!

That's because combining hesperidin with vitamin C increases healthy collagen growth! And collagen is the critical protein that fights off wrinkles and sagging skin! What's more...

...Hesperidin strengthens your veins and connective tissues—so you can fight off varicose veins... spider veins... and hemorrhoids while you strengthen all 75,000 miles of arteries, veins and capillaries!

Giving your body the essential boost of vitamin C and Hesperidin can also help you:

Arrow Bullet  Reduce your risk of heart problems!

Arrow Bullet  Shield DNA from free radical damage!

Arrow Bullet  Boost immune function—and yank the welcome mat away from colds, germs, and even the flu!

Arrow Bullet  Produce healthy collagen for healthy skin at any age!

Arrow Bullet  Protect your vision!

Arrow Bullet  Enhance performance of vitamin E!

Arrow Bullet  And much more!

Arrow Bullet  MEGA protection from abnormal cell growth! Studies printed in prestigious journals such as Scientific American show vitamin E can help prevent heart disasters... reduce the risk of prostate problems... and even help slow the progression of severe mental decline!

Vitamin E protects the fatty portion of the cell membrane from free radical attack that can trigger abnormal cell growth. In a study from the National Institute on Aging, researcher Katalin G. Losonczy monitored the consumption of vitamin E among 11,798 patients between the ages of 65 to 105. The results?

17 Age-Defying Nutrients in Essential Youth™ Help Folks Over 50 Say…

"Oops, I FORGOT to Grow Old!"

(It can work for you too!)

Audrey"Wrinkle-free at 70!"
"Essential Youth™ works just like it promises. I do feel energized and can go longer at activities during the day. People do not believe my age when I tell them I'm 70. They say 'where are your age wrinkles?' I say I take Essential Youth™. I promote Essential Youth™ to my friends and strangers as well. I am a retired nurse and still on the go!"

—Audrey W., Matteson, IL

Adelaida"Friends say I look
younger than my age!"

"After using Essential Youth™ as a supplement for a few months, I’m so happy to say that I feel vibrant and healthy. It’s amazing my friends are giving me positive remarks, like I look younger than my age, healthy, and active. I promised myself to continue taking this supplement, and thank you True Health™ for this wonderful breakthrough. It’s great, Dr. Cutler."

—Adelaida R., North Hills, CA
Individual results will vary.

SEE and FEEL the difference
Essential Youth™ will make in your health—Guaranteed!

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Folks taking vitamin E supplements daily were 40 percent less likely to die from abnormal cell growth formations and heart problems than people who didn't take vitamin E! But here's another amazing discovery...

...Researchers found the trace mineral Selenium can also boost and energize vitamin E. In other words, selenium delivers additional protection from abnormal cell growth!

Other numerous studies prove combining selenium with vitamin E can deliver MEGA protection from abnormal cell growth! What's more, you can help:

Arrow Bullet  Prevent brown spots and wrinkles! Helps protect against damaging effects of UV radiation too!

Arrow Bullet  Relieve symptoms of joint pain!

Arrow Bullet  Reduce risk of abnormal prostate cells!

Arrow Bullet  Inhibit growth of abnormal breast cells!

Arrow Bullet  Enhance your immune function!

Arrow Bullet  Clobber age-related vision problems!

Arrow Bullet  Protect DNA from free radical damage!

Arrow Bullet  And much more

Arrow Bullet  Help REVERSE existing health problems! The amazing antioxidant called L-glutathione is so important that low levels can trigger many common health problems such as headaches... allergies... food cravings... joint and muscle pain... fatigue... ulcers... diarrhea... mood swings... and even worse!

While it's found in virtually every cell in your body, your levels of glutathione significantly declines around age 40—and can drop to just 20 percent by your 60th birthday!

The good news is, you can easily build up a storehouse of this life-enhancing nutrient. And when you do...

Arrow Bullet  Reverse age-related damage to your immune system! Yes—you can fight off nasty invaders that try to rob you of your health and life!

Arrow Bullet  Promote healthy liver function!

Arrow Bullet  Protect the lining of your lungs!

Arrow Bullet  Enhance protein production to build strong muscles!

Arrow Bullet  Recycle vitamin C to restore its antioxidant power!

Arrow Bullet  And much more!

With this overwhelming evidence, I hope you see how the 17 spectacular nutrients in Essential Youth™ can make a world of difference to your health!

Many folks just like you are convinced Essential Youth™ works for them. For example...

  • Sherman C., from Ruidoso, NM is thrilled because he...
Frank C. Photo

"Noticed a difference in just two weeks!"

"After two weeks of using Essential Youth™, I experienced a substantial increase in energy that lasts all day. Also I sleep better and have a greater sense of well being."

  • Eve I., who writes from Heppner, OR and says...
Eve I. Photo

"I still feel like
a kid—at 80!"

"I ordered a year's supply of Essential Youth™ and am on my second bottle. I recently turned 80, feel great, and seem to have an unlimited supply of energy. I just finished shingling my roof!"

Circulation Solution

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Arrow Bullet  24-hour health watchdog! There's only one antioxidant known to man that can enter both the watery and fatty areas of a cell. And that remarkable nutrient is called alpha lipoic acid! Why is this fantastic news?

Because other antioxidants are either fat or water soluble. That means they can't access all parts of the cell. With its unique structure, alpha lipoic acid can travel in both the fatty and watery portions of the cell. That means...

You get a remarkable antioxidant standing on guard and ready to clobber any attacker that tries to invade your body!

Not only does alpha lipoic acid function in the entire cell—it also REGENERATES water-soluble vitamin C and fat-soluble vitamin E antioxidants!

Research from the Packer Lab also shows alpha lipoic acid can significantly boost the levels of glutathione by a whopping 30 percent! That's mega protection against brain disasters, heart problems, liver damage and cataracts!

And get this: Alpha lipoic acid can even recycle and restore itself back to health after clobbering free radicals! But there's even MORE good news!

Dr. Bruce Ames, Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of California, Berkeley, and his colleagues conducted an experiment where they combined the amino acid acetyl-L-carnitine with alpha lipoic acid. The results?

This dynamic interplay turned the powerful alpha lipoic acid into a SUPER-DUPER antioxidant! Here's why...

L-carnitine transports raw materials to your cell factories to create ENERGY. With more abundant energy, alpha lipoic acid can work EVEN HARDER to protect your body and help:

Arrow Bullet  Balance blood sugar levels! Safely used in Europe for over 20 years to help improve blood sugar problems!

Arrow Bullet  Strengthen memory and help prevent brain aging!

Arrow Bullet  Turn off "bad genes" that speed up aging!

Arrow Bullet  Boost energy levels to EVERY cell in your body! Breaks down sugar to produce ATP—the fuel your cells need for energy!

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I'm so sure you're going to love the results you get with Essential Youth™—I'm going to make sure you have plenty of these age-defying nutrients on hand!

That's why you get up to 6 bottles absolutely FREE. Stock up or share these FREE bottles with your family and friends! You save a whopping $179.70 when you take advantage of this limited time offer!

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Dave T. was suffering from joint and bone pain so bad, he had to crawl in the mornings until his joints loosened up enough so he could stand.

He couldn't sleep at night... almost had to retire from his job... and completely gave up playing golf.

After 12 weeks of following my special Arthritis Pain Plan, Dave is a new man. He lost 70 pounds... bounces out of bed... and he's back on the golf course again!

Get rid of ugly brown spots!


If you've got brown spots, or "age spots" on your skin, you may have serious damage going on INSIDE your body! Here's why:

When free radicals attack your cells, they release a metabolic waste product called "lipofuscins." If this waste product isn't removed from your body, it starts to buildup in your cells.

The brown spots on your skin are evidence that internal damage is occurring in your cells.

Fortunately, the remarkable nutrient called DMAE has been proven to help prevent the formation of lipofuscin. What's more, this age-defying nutrient can also help remove existing lipofuscin from your skin, heart and brain!

The internal repair starts to work almost immediately!

Essential Youth

Helps remove rust spots from your brain and skin! Results? You look good and stay mentally sharp!

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I'll tell you more about the remarkable arthritis cure that saved Dave's life—including the exact dose that's powerful yet safe—in Freedom from Arthritis Pain!

You'll also discover proven and effective supplements that soothe inflamed joints... knock out arthritis pain... and rebuild damaged cartilage too! What's more, these remedies are free of nasty side effects! For example...


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Discover Nature's answers for your cholesterol problems in your free report, Lower Your Cholesterol WITHOUT
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The truth is, cholesterol-lowering drugs come with a list of nasty side effects. But you don't have to risk death just to get your cholesterol under control.

Not when there's a seven-cent nutrient that beats the pants off prescription drugs to lower cholesterol AND reduce your risk of developing high cholesterol in the first place!

In fact, mountains of clinical research documents—dating back to 1955—prove this natural Godsend is not only safe—but super effective too!

Even the National Cholesterol Education Program and the American Heart Association acknowledge it's a powerful cholesterol-lowering remedy!

I'll name this affordable and highly effective cholesterol therapy in Lower Your Cholesterol WITHOUT Costly Drugs!

In this special report, you'll also discover how to...

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You also receive help from mood swings...
the "blues" and other mental distresses in your
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Over half the drug company studies performed in the 1990's showed antidepressants are NO MORE EFFECTIVE THAN SUGAR PILLS! In other words, they just don't work!

But drug companies don't want you to know this. And they're spending millions to bury this fact.

From my personal experience, I can tell you this: Nearly half of depression sufferers can be successfully treated if their doctors focus on one hidden health problem: An amino acid deficiency!

In my practice, I've found patients suffering from depression have dangerously low levels of critical amino acids. And when you get their amino acid levels back to normal—the stress... anxiety... and depression miraculously VANISH!

Please know this: The amino acid remedy I'm going to reveal to you is not a perfect cure—it's only proven to work for over 50 percent of the patients who've tried it.

But wouldn't you rather try an all-natural remedy that's 50 percent effective instead of a prescription drug loaded with harmful side effects—with nearly ZERO chance of curing your illness? I sure hope so...

...Because I'm going to name this remarkable amino acid booster in your FREE copy of Beating Depression Naturally!

In your FREE report, you'll discover how this therapy also helps you...

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Ignite your sex life with the doctor-approved
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I strongly believe a healthy sex life is one of the best medicines ever invented. A healthy sex life keeps your heart young... jump starts your immune system... lifts your mood... reduces stress... and more!

But you can restore your libido and sexual function without resorting to dangerous sex drugs! For example...

In your FREE copy of Healthy Sex for the Mature Adult, I'll tell you more about this proven potency herb—and I'll show you the best way to help it put some sizzle back into your love life—starting tonight!

Plus, in Healthy Sex for the Mature Adult, you'll also discover:

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Most digestion pain can be treated with
Mother Nature's pharmacy—find out how in your FREE special report, Dr. Cutler's Answer to Digestive Health

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If you experience frequent gas, belching, diarrhea, constipation, or other serious digestive disturbances, this report can save you from some embarrassing moments!

A healthy digestive tract is the #1 way to prevent illnesses and stay healthy well into your 90's. I know from personal experience how miserable you can feel when your digestion system doesn't work properly.

I'm still dealing with the effects of unnecessary surgeries and ineffective drugs used to treat my digestive illness. I never want that to happen to you!

That's why I want you to get the latest research and information, as well as tried and true remedies to help you conquer digestion problems and disorders. In this special report, you'll discover:

That's why you need these 17 age-defying nutrients working together and in the right dosages!

With Essential Youth™, you get them all—in each easy to take capsule—and you save a boatload of money to boot!

With every serving of Essential Youth™, you get:

Nutrient Benefit If Purchased Separately
Vinpocetine Improves concentration; boosts memory and alertness $17.50
Omega-3 Protects brain and heart function; helps lower cholesterol $19.95
DMAE Helps brain cells communicate; promotes clear thinking; increases firmness in skin $17.40
Quercetin Protects brain cells from free radical damage; helps repair damage from brain injuries; relieves allergy and asthma symptoms $14.95
CDP Choline Increases blood circulation; helps improve mental performance in elderly patients with memory deficits $36.00
Ginkgo Biloba Slows down brain aging; promotes healthy blood flow; fights off mental fatigue $21.99
Folic Acid Protects against high homocysteine levels that can damage arteries; improves memory $12.95
RNA Encourages healthy cell growth; helps prevent memory loss; fights off viral infections $17.25
L-Glutathione Protects against toxins and environmental hazards; boosts effectiveness of other antioxidants in the body $39.95
Alpha Lipoic Acid Clobbers free radicals that attack your heart and brain; regenerates and renews other antioxidants; removes heavy metals out of your body $19.99
Phosphatidylserine Enhances memory power; boosts mental clarity and alertness $44.95
Selenium Elevates mood; helps prevent abnormal cell growth; protects organs from oxidative damage $13.95
Acetyl L-Carnitine Helps burn off unwanted body fat; promotes muscle growth; improves mental clarity $19.95
Hesperidin Promotes collagen growth to minimize wrinkles; encourages healthy vein growth $9.95
Vitamin C Helps fight off respiratory problems; lowers risk of vision problems; prolongs healthy life $13.75
Vitamin E Boosts mental sharpness; promotes healthy skin; protects heart and circulatory system $19.99
If purchased separately: $340.47
Cost of 1 bottle of Essential Youth™: $19.95*
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$320.52 monthly!

*Based on 12 month supply

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If you or a loved one are worried about memory loss, then you MUST HAVE the brain-saving special report, Avoiding Alzheimer's: Nature's Plan

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Are you losing things? Forgetting names? Losing your thought before finishing a sentence?

If you're over 60 and experiencing these "senior moments"—most likely the thought of serious mental decline has crossed your mind.

While over 4.5 million Americans suffer from severe memory loss, the truth is: IT DOESN'T HAVE TO HAPPEN TO YOU—even if there's a family history!

Scientific research shows you can SUPPRESS "bad genes" that can trigger severe memory problems.

In this special report, you'll get proven remedies and therapies to keep your mind razor sharp—at any age! For example...

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Shipping and handling will cost you nothing. That's right, it's FREE when ordering 3 or more bottles in the U.S!

Most other companies charge you $6.95 or more per month just to deliver your supplements to you. That's at least $83.40 every year!

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The truth is, disease doesn't happen overnight. Your body constantly sends out warning signs of a potential health problem. The problem is most people don't know how to detect these signals early enough to do anything about them.

In this special report, you'll discover how to spot your body's S.O.S. signals to treat and even REVERSE health problems. For example:

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In our short time together today, you've seen the science behind the 17 age-defying nutrients found in Essential Youth™...

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