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The Biggest
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Fighting cancer in America is a $200 billion-a-year business, so you'd think we would have made progress in saving lives.

But the shocking truth is nearly 570,000 Americans died from cancer in 2008... and there is no end in sight.

Why? Because up to 98 percent of conventional cancer treatments FAIL!

Worse, the Medical Establishment is lying through its teeth to suppress scores of safe, natural, inexpensive cancer remedies and cures that work like magic.

Enough is enough! You deserve to know the truth about cancer. Please read on...

In this FREE Email Medical Alert, discover the truth about...

  • Chemotherapy: Why 90 percent of oncologists would refuse it if they had cancer
  • Mammograms: Why it harms 10 women for every one it helps
  • Cancer drugs: Why you can get better results by doing nothing
  • Natural cancer cures: Why the government is suppressing these miracle cures


  • What may be "the safest medical therapy ever devised for cancer"...
  • How to control the growth of cancer cells with naturally occurring proteins...
  • The only natural cure for estrogen-dominated breast cancer...
  • The alkaline water cure that turns the tide on cancer!

Dear Friend,

In the war against cancer, the discovery of cesium chloride should have been headline news!

After all, this naturally occurring alkaline mineral "starves" cancer cells... quells cancer pain in hours... extends survival rates from weeks to years... and costs just $1 a day.

For terminal cancer patients, this breakthrough should have been a ray of hope.

But guess what? The medical "big wigs" have thrown cesium chloride under the bus because it cannot be patented—so they can't make a profit from it—even though it could save countless lives.

Worse, many of the most highly regarded conventional cancer treatments in America are being pushed upon cancer patients... even though they have dismal success rates.

Why? One reason: GREED!

Treating cancer in America is a virtual "cash cow"—$200 billion a year. And Big Pharma will LIE through its teeth to keep you dependent on its "cut, burn and poison" cancer treatments and destroy anyone or anything that gets in the way—even if it has to bend the truth.

If you think I'm exaggerating, just consider...

Could this be the 'safest medical therapy ever devised for cancer'?

Five of the Biggest Cancer LIES You Need to Know About

Some of the most blatant, bald-faced LIES in medical history are being told today in the treatment of cancer in the United States. For example, be warned about...

CANCER LIE No. 1: Chemotherapy is a MUST if you have cancer.

The truth: Up to 90 percent of oncologists would REFUSE chemotherapy if they had cancer.

Why? Because they know it's extremely ineffective and extremely toxic. Yet shockingly, 75 percent of cancer patients are directed to receive chemotherapy.

The facts: A rigorous review of chemotherapy reveals it fails for 98 percent of people. And when chemotherapy was tested against no treatment, no treatment proved better! What's more, only 2 percent to 4 percent of cancers respond well to chemotherapy.

When I saw the "success" rate of chemotherapy, I was appalled. So I dug into the research and uncovered some remarkably safe and effective alternatives to chemotherapy. Because this information was not widely available to the general public, I decided to write a new Special Medical Briefing Report: The Forbidden Truth About Cancer.

Continued below...

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In this comprehensive Medical Briefing, filled with the best of today's natural cancer-fighting breakthroughs, you'll discover...

  • The secret cause of most all cancers. And a potent three-herb "prescription" that can stop cancer it its tracks! Page 19.
  • How to cut your risk of cancer in HALF with delicious foods from Nature's Healing Pantry, page 45.
  • The remarkable phytonutrient that reduces your risk of breast, cervical AND prostate cancer, page 56.
  • Why losing weight can dramatically increase your chances of avoiding cancer. Being obese is a greater risk factor than having a family history of cancer, page 34.
  • The shocking acid/alkaline link for cancer. And the single most important thing you can do to reduce cancer risk, page 59.
  • Nature's fountain of youth AND cancer fighter extraordinaire! Look and feel younger and give cancer a kick in the rear, Page 50.
  • PLUS... scores of other easy, natural alternatives so you can fight cancer—with little or no chemotherapy to make you sick or big medical bills that will send you to the poorhouse!

Order The Forbidden Truth About Cancer and get a special free gift!

I also want you to be aware of...

CANCER LIE No. 2: Every woman over 40 should have a mammogram.

The unreported disadvantages of biopsies!

The truth: Mammograms do more damage than good—and actually HARM 10 women for every one it helps.

The $4 billion-a-year mammogram industry urges women to rely on x-ray tests to protect their health. But what they don't tell you is mammograms are really an unnecessary and even harmful treatment.

A new study by researchers from the Nordic Cochrane Center in Denmark reviewed the benefits and negative effects of seven breast cancer screening programs on 500,000 women—and the results were shocking.

For every 2,000 women who received mammograms over a 10-year period, only one would have her life prolonged, but 10 would be harmed. Mammograms can actually increase a woman's risk of developing breast cancer by as much as 3 percent per year by irradiating the breast cells and triggering breast cancer.

I'm excited to report there's a new test for breast cancer with no false negatives or positives... from saliva.

That's right. Researchers from the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston discovered that women with breast cancer carry different proteins than women with no cancer—and this can be tested by a simple saliva test—so simple a dentist can do it.

You'll discover secrets like this and the REAL story behind breast cancer, mammograms and other screening tests for cancer in my new Special Medical Briefing Report: The Forbidden Truth About Cancer.

From the very first page, you'll find new ways to get back control of your health and sidestep, treat and reverse cancer as you read about...

  • Doctor-developed early detection cancer "self test". Special enzyme test almost always determines the presence of cancer months before other tests, Page 31.
  • Simple urine test has up to 95 percent accuracy in determining if a tumor is benign or malignant. Based on 50 years of proven results, yet ignored by the Medical Establishment, page 32.
  • How to detect tumors as small as a pencil dot. Safe, simple, painless, Page 33.
  • Had cancer and worried about it recurring? This easy antibody test helps determine any future cancer risk, page 34.

Just as important, you'll discover how conventional cancer therapies often put your health in greater risk. For example...

  • Special warning! Why the typical use of chemotherapy is equal to medical witchcraft! Page 36.
  • Big cancer test "blunder". Biopsies often are taken of the wrong tissue, giving you misleading results. Easy way to avoid this problem, page 33.
  • The real pros and cons of radiation. What your doctor may not be telling you, Page 36.
  • You've heard about using extreme cold to kill cancers. But did you know it can work for some cancers, but make other cancers worse? Page 37.
  • Plus, many more unreported secrets on how to beat cancer and live cancer-free, for life!

Order The Forbidden Truth About Cancer and get a special free gift!

I also want to alert you to...

CANCER LIE No. 3: Big Pharma wants you to believe hook, line and sinker that their so-called cancer "cures" work.

How to control the growth of cancerous dells... without drugs or chemo!

The truth: They "cook the books" to prove the effectiveness of their cancer treatments.

In digging up the all-new information in my new Special Medical Briefing Report, The Forbidden Truth About Cancer, I discovered a clever trick that cancer doctors and big drug companies use to promote their cancer treatments. They use "relative" numbers to prove these treatments work.

For instance, if you or a loved one has breast cancer, doctors may recommended the drug Tamoxifen. You'll likely hear that it reduces the chances of breast cancer recurring by 49 percent. Sounds pretty impressive, right?

But the truth is, based on absolute numbers, Tamoxifen reduces the risk of breast cancer returning by only 1.6 percent—30 times less than advertised.

"Relative" numbers are used because they can be manipulated in many ways. Relative to what? It could be to a previous test or some other obscure number.

Or you may have heard through the major media that by treating early stage breast cancer, there's a 91 percent cure rate over five years. NONSENSE! You can get the same cure rate by doing nothing, as breast cancer is a very slow growing cancer.

My point is: Don't be fooled by "relative" numbers. Get the real facts, like this one: A 14-year study by two oncologists in Australia reported in the film "A Shocking Look at Cancer Studies" that treatment for all of our major cancers is totally ineffective—way below a 10 percent success rate.

But in my new Special Medical Briefing Report, The Forbidden Truth About Cancer, you'll discover secrets that work far better, such as...

  • Men, before you go under the knife for prostate cancer surgery... consider the "high-heat" secret developed in Europe that kills cancer cells and reduces enlarged prostates with remarkable success, Page 41.
  • Headline news! Texas doctor cures so-called "terminal" cases with... human urine! Amazing but true! Page 41.
  • Say "goodbye" to cancer by going "green." Eat these raw foods, and you may never need another cancer solution again, page 43.
  • Dr. Max Gerson's legendary six-step cancer cure. Failed immune systems re-started, even terminal cancer cured, Page 55.
  • The pennies-a-day vitamin that produces an astonishing 77 percent reduction in all cancers of women. Works great for men, too, safeguarding them from prostate cancer, Page 46.
  • The stunning natural hormone therapy that blocks carcinogens before they can kill, page 56.
  • PLUS... many more little-known natural remedies and cures for cancer.

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But that's not all. My new Special Medical Briefing Report also exposes...

CANCER LIE No. 4: Cancer drugs are your BEST BET
to beat this dreaded disease.

The hushed up cause of 80% of breast cancer cases... and the only natural cure!

The truth: Drug companies pay oncologists big "kickbacks" to promote high-priced, but ineffective cancer drugs.

Do you know how most oncologists make money? Not by treating patients, but by selling cancer drugs.

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, as much as 75 percent of an average oncologist's earnings comes from selling chemotherapy drugs in his or her office. And at a substantial mark-up!

Americans pay the highest amount for prescription drugs in the world. Big Pharma will say it's due to research and development. But the U.S. drug industry spent $33.5 billion in 2004 alone promoting its drugs.

A former drug rep from Eli Lily testified before Congress saying, "Pharmaceutical companies hire former cheerleaders and ex-models to wine and dine doctors, exaggerate drug benefits and underplay side effects."

Worse, they pay oncologists kickbacks to push their drugs. For example, AstraZeneca, Inc. had to pay $280 million in civil penalties and $63 million in criminal penalties to the federal government because it paid kickbacks to doctors for promoting a prostate cancer drug.

But in my new Special Medical Briefing Report, The Forbidden Truth About Cancer, you'll read all about non-drug treatments for cancer that work wonders, including...

  • 90 percent of stomach cancer cases are caused by this one hidden problem. Fix it, and protect yourself for life! Page 18.
  • Fearful of the side effects of chemo? Then try this proven oxygen therapy with a stunningly safe track record, page 41.
  • The cancer-proofing breakthrough found in the deep ocean seas. Laden with cancer-fighting vitamin D, page 48.
  • Why creating a natural balance of sodium and potassium in your body means you won't likely get any cancer in your life, page 53.
  • The natural solution for breast cysts. Used for more than a half a century. Bonus: Reduces the risk of breast cancer, too, Page 58.
  • Use something as simple as bicarbonate soda to cure cancer? You bet, as it nails one of the most common causes of cancer! Page 61.
  • Guys—slash your risk of prostate cancer by 45 percent with this common vitamin. Based on a study of 1,029 men with prostate cancer, page 48.
  • Plus dozens more new, natural cures for cancer you've never heard before!

Order The Forbidden Truth About Cancer and get a special free gift!

My new Special Medical Briefing Report also exposes what may be the most dangerous LIE of them all...

CANCER LIE No. 5: The medical "big wigs" want you to believe natural remedies for cancer are old wives' tales that don't work.

What do most cancer patients have in common? You'll be surprised...

The truth: The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has launched a covert campaign to censor natural cancer remedies and financially ruin doctors and companies offering them.

Sad as it seems, the harassment of doctors using natural therapies to treat cancers has been going on for more than 50 years in America. Doctors treating malignant tumors with detoxification, immune stimulation, nutrient, herb and juice fasting secrets from Europe, Tibet, China and India have been persecuted and booted out of the U.S. if they wanted to continue treating cancer patients.

Take the case of William Kelly, D.D.S. Dr. Kelly discovered a natural enzyme therapy that combined with strict nutrition and a detoxification regimen "digested" pancreatic cancer cells. This therapy achieved nearly a 90 percent five-year survival rate for nearly 33,000 patients—even though pancreatic cancer is by far the most rapid and deadly cancer.

What did the government do when they heard about Dr. Kelly's amazing discovery? They threw him in jail!

But now the government is bringing out the big guns! The FTC recently launched what they call "Operation False Cures" to stamp out natural cancer cures for good.

According to the FTC, "Anyone mentioning a cure for cancer is automatically a quack, regardless of science backing their position." By their own admission, they state that any mention of a cancer "cure" is by itself fraudulent. And anyone using the word "cure" on a website is instantly presumed to be guilty of criminal acts.

Censorship like this makes my blood boil! Especially with so much clinical proof, scientific findings and case studies of cancer patients being able to slow down, reverse and even eliminate the disease from their bodies using natural means.

But I won't hold anything back from you. In my new Special Medical Briefing Report, The Forbidden Truth About Cancer, you'll discover...

  • What NOT to do if you're diagnosed with cancer. May make your condition worse, page 8.
  • Cancer-trigger in your medicine cabinet? Why a product most people use every day can actually cause bone cancer, page 16.
  • Is a cure for cancer just an injection away? Remarkable anti-cancer injection stops cancer cold... with zero side effects! Page 44.
  • Eat up—and beat cancer! Six foods that load up your body with an amazing cancer-fighting vitamin, page 48.
  • The awesome threesome from nature's medical cabinet that can make your body nearly immune to cancer, page 62.
  • University of California cancer breakthrough! High doses of this vitamin prevent cancerous growth, page 49.
  • And many more censored cancer cures you can't get anywhere else!

Order The Forbidden Truth About Cancer and get a special free gift!

Yet there's even more. In my new Special Medical Briefing Report, you'll also discover...

A treasury of LIFESAVING information
that most doctors don't know or are
FORBIDDEN to share with you.

I call this exclusive Medical Briefing a "treasury" because it gives you virtually ALL the information you need to make your body nearly immune to cancer and to take the best course of action should you or a loved one ever get cancer.

Who can put a price tag on your life or that of a loved one? But this is certain—the unprecedented wealth of information you'll find here is virtually priceless for protecting your health and well-being for years to come.

I'm talking about...

  • Why your age is a BIG factor in determining your cancer risk. 77 percent of all cancers are diagnosed in this age group, page 8.
  • Colon cancer alert! Early stage colon cancer does NOT have symptoms. What you should do now to lower your risks, Page 25.
  • Ten times less chemo, yet better results! Amazing insulin therapy makes chemo more effective, yet with fewer side effects, page 40.
  • Food label warning! Why sugar hidden in "fructose corn syrup" can trigger cancer in your body, page 45.
  • The Swiss cheese secret for preventing cancer. It's rich in a vitamin that may be the most potent for stopping cancer, page 48.
  • Could a deficiency in this mineral cause breast cancer? See page 55 for a startling warning.
  • Skyrocket your chances of beating cancer. Remarkable test helps you detect cancer 18 months earlier than other tests. Proven on 8,000 patients, page 33.
  • The healing power of this savory drink shields your body from cancer-causing agents. Prized in Asia for centuries, Page 19.
  • Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) disaster! Why government scientists abruptly ended the nation's biggest study on HRT. New cancer warning! Page 23.
  • PLUS... much, much more on cancer-proofing your body and living cancer-free for life!

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  • The high cholesterol hoax that'll fool 39 million Americans. Why most doctors have turned a blind eye to the major hidden cause of high cholesterol.
  • The flu shot scam. Are you putting antifreeze, disinfectants and cancer-causing formaldehyde in your body? Read this BEFORE you get another flu shot!

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