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Hydrogen energy system

There are several different types of fuel cells; proton exchange membrane (PEMFC), alkaline (AFC), direct methanol (DMFC), phosphoric acid (PAFC), molten carbonate (MCFC), & solid oxide (SOFC). Although, some of the these types are already in use, the PEM is one of the most promising fuel cells for widespread use. The problem up to this point has been the high cost of manufacturing hydrogen fuel cells due to the expensive materials used to make them. We believe that we have solved this problem by using substitute materials that are just as effective but at a fraction of the cost and are developing residential systems that will be affordable by the "average" homeowner and pay for themselves in several years.

We offer several different types of alternative energy systems which will allow you to get off the grid and generate your own electricity. These systems burn no fossil fuels, generate no pollution, and are renewable. The system (shown below) is a hydrogen fuel system. Our improvement to this utilizes a hydrogen (from water) generator and the electricity is stored in cells. Since the byproduct of a hydrogen fuel cell is water, this can be a closed system in which the water is re-circulated to start the process over again. The pictures below are just to give you an idea of what the hydrogen system may look like. Please call us at 978-798-1440 to discuss your requirements and we can recommend a system that will best suit your budget and application.



FRONT VIEW                                          REAR VIEW