Pain: (from arthritis, joint stiffness, neck pain, sore muscles, herniated disc, sprains & strains, knee pain, back pain). If your knee pain is the result of arthritis, turmeric can be quite helpful. It contains over two dozen anti-inflammatory compounds, including COX-2 inhibitors. COX-2 is an enzyme that can lead to lead to pain, swelling, and inflammation. Inhibitors, of course, prevent those symptoms. Curcumin is one of these compounds, and on its own, it has been shown to be highly effective at reducing inflammation. A study at St. John’s University found combining turmeric with bioperine showed a 2,000% increase in curcumin levels. Curcumin Triple Burn  Turmeric 3D   Green Relief   TheraFlex ACN   Omega Green   FlexActin   Curafen

Here are a few of the ailments that curcumin can treat:

Arnica; studies conducted on this miracle pain-reliever show that Arnica may actually give MORE relief than prescription pain medications without the harmful side effects! MSM; The Journal of Anti-Aging Medicine researchers state that MSM caused an 80% reduction in pain when compared to the placebo group. Belladonna, Ignatia, Cetyl Myristoleate, Rhus Tox, Naja, Magnesium Sulfate, Phosphorous, Lachesis Mutus. Menthol speeds healing and reduces/prevents muscle spasms and cramping. Corydalis Yan Hu Suo (CY; relieves both inflammation and nerve pain), Brazilian mint tea (Hyptis Crenata), Rub on Relief   EFT  Panitrol xr   Triple Joint Relief   ArthroNew PLUS   Joint Performance Plus   LunaFlex PM   PrimeFlex-5   ArthroCet   Lose the Neck Pain System   JointFlex   Arthritis Reversed (free book)   Joint 33X

Knee pain (meniscectomies): Each year doctors perform a procedure on tens of thousands of seniors that is supposed to make them able to walk better and live without pain. But study after study shows it’s a sham. It doesn’t work at all. It’s no better than a placebo. Now, new research reveals that despite the evidence, surgeons continue to reap billions in revenues by performing meniscectomies on unsuspecting patients. It’s an operation that removes damaged cartilage from the knee. The study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association reveals more than 12,000 surgeons performed almost 122,000 of these procedures on Medicare patients in 2015. Dr. Martin Makary led the study. He’s a surgery professor at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore. “This study shows that it remains extremely common in older patients,” he said. In just the last two years alone, three major studies show that meniscectomies don’t work any better than a placebo. And they are less effective than exercise therapy. The studies compared results in patients who had the procedures with those who got “sham surgeries” (placebo surgeries) or exercise therapy. The results were essentially the same, with exercise therapy showing the most positive effects. So why do surgeons keep performing it? Dr. Jonas Bloch Thorlund is a sports medicine researcher at the University of Southern Denmark. “Despite the evidence, there is still a very strong belief by many surgeons that surgery works,” he said. “Indeed, many patients do get better. However, this is more likely due to placebo effect.” Of course, surgeons have a strong economic incentive to believe that surgery works. Meniscectomies bring in about $4 billion a year. If you have knee pain and are diagnosed with torn cartilage, don’t let a surgeon talk you into a meniscectomy. There are better ways to get relief:


1. Physical Therapy

 A physical therapist can help you more than a surgeon can. Three types of exercises have been found to help patients with a torn meniscus.

2. An Anti-Inflammatory Diet

3. Take These Two Supplements

There's a new solution to knee pain. It’s known as CRFA. Its official name is cooled radiofrequency ablation. It uses radiofrequency energy to interrupt pain transmission from the genicular nerve of the knee. Studies show it’s superior to steroid shots at relieving pain and improving knee function. And it’s far less invasive than meniscectomy surgery. CRFA is available at major pain and orthopedic clinics around the country. You can find a directory of doctors who offer it here.